Photo of ArtCraft Owner Teresa Arredondo

Meet the #ArtCraftFam

Photo of Jen and Josh Watson

Jen and Josh Watson

ArtCraft provided exterior refurbishment for the Watson’s Laser 200 and currently paints their flight school fleet. Learn More


Stevie Triesenberg

Stevie Triesenburg (AKA Bayflight)

Stevie is a motivated software engineer, pilot and aviation enthusiast. ArtCraft Paint completed the exterior and interior refurbishment for Stevie’s Cessna 140A. Learn More

Photo of Erick O'Connor (Hom) with his F1 Rocket at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh

Erick O’Connor (AKA Hom)

ArtCraft Paint provided interior and exterior refurbishment for Erick’s Vans RV6 and painted his F1 Rocket. Learn More

Kyle Fowler and the world's first Lumilor aircraft

Kyle Fowler (Go EZ Aerobatics)

ArtCraft Paint provided exterior refurbishment for Kyle’s Long EZ using light-emitting paint to create the world’s first LumiLor aircraft! Learn More


Photo of Carson Stilson

Carson Stilson

Carson Stilson of Wairworthy is building his own aircraft, and we are excited to paint it for him! Learn More

Why the Pros Trust ArtCraft Paint

After painting more than 2600 airplanes in the last 25 years, we have mastered the art of turning ordinary aircraft into ArtCraft.