5 Tips for Designing your Airplane Paint Schemes

designing aircraft scheme

Updated on 3/30/2023

Whether you are an aircraft owner looking to repaint your airplane to avoid further corrosion or just want a new paint scheme, figuring out how you want your design to look can be overwhelming. 

At ArtCraft Paint, we want to make your design process as simple as possible. Our airplane scheme designers have laid out some tips to remember when designing your airplane paint scheme.


1. Start your airplane paint scheme process early 

The worst thing you can do is rush your design process. You will look at this scheme for years to come, so you want something you will love for years without any regrets.


2. Research to determine what airplane paint schemes you like

A simple Google search can help you determine what you like or dislike about an airplane paint scheme. 

Our friends at Scheme Designers have a bunch of sample designs to look through for all types of aircraft.

Inspiration can also be found in aircraft magazines like EAA’s Sport Aviation magazine. Our aircraft painting portfolio is also a good starting point for finding some scheme inspiration.


3. Don’t go after the super trendy aircraft paint schemes

We all love trends at the moment, but once that moment passes, your design becomes dated. 

To avoid this, stick to a new aircraft paint scheme that will look good for years to come. Our airplane scheme designers can help you avoid this mistake!


4. Consider your budget for aircraft paint schemes

Having five different colors on your aircraft will certainly make it eye-catching, but it also comes at a high cost. The added colors will cost extra, and maintenance of these colors in the future could also become costly. 

If you want something more budget-friendly, try to keep your airplane paint color scheme to two or three colors.


5. Prepare a detailed presentation for the paint shop

Once you have researched what you like, put it in a presentation to send to your aircraft paint scheme designer. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but something to help paint a picture of what you want. 

You should include the dimensions of your plane and layout considerations. This will help the aircraft paint shop create a rendition that embodies exactly what you love without having to do a bunch of back and forth.


Do you have your airplane paint scheme ready? Let’s get it painted at ArtCraft Paint!

With over 25 years of experience in airplane custom paint schemes in Santa Maria, CA, ArtCraft Paint specializes in plane painting and exterior airframe repair. Request a quote from ArtCraft Paint to get in touch with one of our scheme designers today!

Explore Airplane Paint Schemes by ArtCraft Paint

2014 Cessna 525 painted by ArtCraft Paint in Santa Maria, CA











1985 Mooney M20J painted by ArtCraft Paint in Santa Maria, CA























Mike Goulian's plane at EAA in Oshkosh, Wisconsin










side view of the Grand Caravan airplane painted by ArtCraft Paint in collaboration with John Stahr











Painted helicopter by ArtCraft Paint









helicopter painted by ArtCraft Paint














Blue and white airplane paint scheme from ArtCraft Paint








Black and orange aviation paint scheme on an aircraft from ArtCraft Paint











White, black and gold airplane paint scheme from ArtCraft Paint







multiengine plane paint job by ArtCraft Paint in Santa Maria, CA















Kirby Chambliss plane painted by ArtCraft Paint













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