AirVenture 2023: ArtCraft Customers Win Big

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2023 was one for the books in more ways than one. We had a blast meeting so many of you at our exhibitor booth. We also had fun mingling with fellow women in aviation, enjoying food and drinks with friends (Pete’s Garage, cheese curds, and sweet corn are our Oshkosh favorites), and watching our customers earn honors in the 2023 AirVenture Lindy Awards

Photo of Teresa, Brenda and Alex from ArtCraft Paint at their exhibitor booth at EAA

Pictured above are Brenda Maldonado, Teresa Arredondo, and Alex Arredondo of ArtCraft Paint at their booth at EAA AirVenture 2023.

Breathing New Life Into a Vintage Cessna

Photo of Stevie Triesenberg (Bayflight) at EAA AirVenture 2023 with the ArtCraft, FlightLines and Garmin teams

Pictured is Stevie Triesenberg (second from left) with the ArtCraft Paint, FlightLines and Garmin teams.

We partnered with Stevie Triesenberg (AKA Bayflight) to transform her 1949 Cessna 140A—which she dubbed ‘Lil Ugly’—into a flying work of art. And that work paid off big time at AirVenture. 

Stevie entered her 140A into the Vintage category in AirVenture’s Lindy Awards and earned the Outstanding Cessna 120/140 award! Congratulations, Stevie. We were honored to bring your vision to life and help you take home a big award.

“Into the Sky” Earns a Modern Mooney Award

Photo of Richard Brown's Mooney at EAA

Pictured above is Richard Brown’s Mooney at EAA AirVenture 2023.

Toward the end of 2022, we had the honor of bringing Richard Brown’s vision for his Mooney to life. It included a design from Flight Line Designs, which incorporated the logo from Robert’s company, Into the Sky, on the tail. 

The exterior refurbishment from ArtCraft Paint helped Richard earn the Outstanding Mooney award in the Contemporary category. Check out Richard’s review of our work to learn more about the process. 


Taking Home an Award Named After EAA’s Founder in the Homebuild Category

Marc Weintraub at EAA with his Lancair and Homebuilt Award

Pictured above is Marc Weintraub at EAA with his Lancair and Homebuilt Award.

Marc Weintraub won the Paul Poberezny Founder’s Award for Best Classic Homebuilt with his Lancair 320. What an honor for an aircraft painted by ArtCraft to earn an award named after the Founder of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). 


We’re Looking Forward to #OSH24

While our stay in Oshkosh is over, we want to thank everyone again for your support and for stopping by to see us! 

If you have any questions about having the exterior or interior of your aircraft done, contact us or request a quote! If you’re near Santa Maria, California, please stop by. We’d love to chat.

We’ll see you at AirVenture 2024! 

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