We’re on Team Chambliss – Kirby Chambliss’s Zivko Edge 540 Redesign

It’s not every day in Santa Maria, CA you meet Kirby Chambliss, an American world champion aerobatic and air race pilot, but the crew at ArtCraft Paint has had the opportunity to work on three of his planes! Recently, we helped redesign Kirby’s Zivko Edge 540 to get it ready for some upcoming air races.

Kirby Chambliss’s Zivko Edge 540 in action - painted by ArtCraft Paint

About the Zivko Edge 540:

Manufactured by Zivko Aeronautics, the Zivko Edge 540 is a highly aerobatic aircraft. It has the capability of a 420 degree per second roll rate and a 3,700 foot per minute climb rate. This type of aircraft has been victorious in the international Unlimited aerobatics circuit several times since the mid-1990s.

Our Process of Redesigning Kirby Chambliss’s Zivko Edge 540 

Kirby came to ArtCraft Paint to help him redesign his Zivko Edge 540 with his same sponsor – Red Bull. As we do for every client that comes through our hangars, we updated Kirby throughout the process of our redesign. Since the weight of his plane is important to his profession, we continuously updated him on the thickness of the plane paint as well as the mean weight on the plane itself. From start to finish, our redesign took about six weeks to complete.

Kirby Chambliss’s Zivko Edge 540 in action - painted by ArtCraft Paint

What Did Kirby Chambliss Have to Say?

“I have had three air show planes painted by ArtCraft. Since I make my living using these aircraft it’s important that they’re on time and look great. ArtCraft has delivered on both!”

Let’s Give You the Star Treatment!

We treat all our clients as friends and by the time you leave Santa Maria with your freshly redesigned aircraft, you’ll feel like family. Whether you are looking for a simple design or something more flashy, our aircraft painting services can take care of it for you. To get started, give us a call at 805-925-5934 or fill out our ArtCraft Paint quote request form. 

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