Turn Your Aircraft Into a Piece of Art

Big Island Air Grand Caravan painted by ArtCraft Paint and John Stahr

ArtCraft Paint Creates Unique Aviation Paint Schemes

At ArtCraft Paint, we pride ourselves on creating stunning airplane paint scheme designs that will leave an impact on everyone. We often partner with John Stahr to give more detail to our airplane painting designs. One of our proudest design accomplishments is a Hawaiian-themed aircraft. To learn more about the aircraft and our partnership with John Stahr, keep reading.

Partnering with John Stahr from Stahr Designs

Using airbrushing techniques for his artwork, John Stahr often partners up with ArtCraft Paint to create unique aircraft paint designs for clients. His passion for aviation started young with encouragement from his father who was an aeronautical engineer. As an Artist Member of the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA) and graduate of the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, John has been in the design industry since 1978.

Creating a big impact for Big Island Air

As the oldest tour company in Hawaii, Big Island Air offers unique views of the islands to travelers. ArtCraft Paint had the opportunity to create a fresh, innovative paint scheme design on their Grand Caravan. The goal was to create a colorful Hawaiian-themed aircraft. Thanks to our partnership with John Stahr, ArtCraft Paint was able to add incredible Hawaiian touches from marine life to native motifs.

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