Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Aircraft Paint Job Looking Fresh

Airplane Paint Maintenance Tips

After an aircraft paint job from Art Craft Paint, many of our clients want to know how to keep their new airplane paint scheme looking great for years to come! We have some tips and professional insight to share to help you to keep your aircraft paint scheme looking like new for longer!

Wash your plane

Keeping a regular washing schedule is one of the best ways to keep your aircraft’s paint protected from damage and corrosion. Doing a simple wash with cool water and non-streaking car wash soap can help remove any contaminants while also allowing you to check for any surface damage on the aircraft.

Check for chips or cracks

Speaking of damage, you should inspect to see if you have any signs of chipping or cracking areas. These areas can cause corrosion and lead to expensive repairs if not caught right away.

Wax and polish

Once you have washed and checked over your aircraft plane, you should wax and polish it. Always use an airplane-designated product since automotive polishes may not be strong enough to provide the protection your aircraft may need. Sealant or ceramic coatings are is the best options, to go for since waxes tend to absorb dirt and discolor over time.

If regular maintenance isn’t going to cut it and you’re ready for an all-new look and feel for your aircraft, we’d love to talk! We specialize in aircraft painting for general aviation, corporate/ charter fleets, helicopters, and government aircraft. ArtCraft Paint has the experience and artistry your aircraft deserves, so request a quote to get the process started!

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