How far are you willing to fly? – Erick O’Connor’s F1 Aircraft

close up of ArtCraft Paint's logo on a F1 rocket

A few months ago, we had the unique opportunity to work with Erick O’Connor to create some behind-the-scenes content together. He left on September 10th from Canada and completed his journey on September 12th – flying 1,294 nautical miles. 

Who is Erick O’Connor?

Erick is an experienced Multi-Crew Airline Transport Pilot with a corporate/ charter IFR Helicopter license with over 7500 hours of flight experience flying various aircraft in the Royal Canadian Air Force and Civilian space. We met him during EAA’s AirVenture event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He was impressed with the fact both Mike Goulian and Kirby Chambliss entrusted ArtCraft Paint with their aerobatic planes – it was almost a no-brainer to take his F1 Rocket to us as well!

What did Erick’s F1 Rocket need to be done?

Erick’s F1 aircraft never had paint on it aside from the engine cowl. Over time, this started to fade with a build-up of bugs and greasy finger marks which made keeping the primer nearly impossible. ArtCraft Paint’s job was to strip the previous primer and paint the F1 grey with stripes on the bottom to help differentiate the top and bottom in the air.

The F1 Rocket Painting Process












The F1’s Final Reveal!

F1 Rocket painted by ArtCraft Paint in Santa Maria, California F1 Rocket painted by ArtCraft Paint in Santa Maria, California

What’s Next?

Erick has expressed that his RV 6 needs a new paint job as well! We look forward to continuing our relationship with Erick moving forward!

So, how far are you willing to fly? Come to ArtCraft Paint!

If you are ready to have your aircraft repainted or your interior redone, bring it to ArtCraft Paint! Request a quote from ArtCraft Paint, and we will contact you for a consultation! At ArtCraft Paint, we offer aircraft painting services like airframe graphic design, repair, and aircraft painting for general aviation, corporate/charter, and government aircraft.

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  1. Erick OConnor says:

    Update to this post. Thanks to the help of the ArtCraft team, we can now say this F1 Rocket received one of the most prestigious award for the EAA Oshkosh Air Venture. I was super happy to have the entire team with me to take the Stan Dzik Memorial Award. Such a great day

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