How to Take Care of the Inside of an Airplane

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Your airplane isn’t merely a mode of transport or a financial investment – it’s a reflection of your identity as a pilot and is an extension of yourself. 

Recognizing the meticulous nature that pilots have in caring for their planes, we wanted to offer helpful maintenance tips on taking care of the interior of your airplane.

4 Care Instructions for the Inside of an Airplane

While the exterior of your aircraft leaves a lasting first impression, the interior of your plane is where you’ll spend the most time, so let’s keep it looking and functioning great.

1. Keep Your Space Clean.

Starting with the basics, it’s important to clean your pilot and passenger spaces regularly. 

Routine cleaning, such as wiping down all surfaces, as well as vacuuming and spot-cleaning the aircraft upholstery, can easily be added to your post-flight checklist. 

If you shampoo your carpet, be sure to keep your doors open and use a fan to help your interior completely dry. This will help prevent any moisture from being retained, as it could cause rust or corrosion in the cabin.

2. Use Window Shades.

Window shades do more than offer privacy; they also keep harmful UV rays out of your aircraft interior and prevent fading in your airplane seat upholstery. 

Shades also keep your cabin much cooler, protecting your flight controls, navigation systems, and other components from the heat.

3. Avoid General Wear and Tear.

It’s not uncommon for aircraft carpeting to cost up to $2,000 per square yard. Protect your high-traffic areas, such as the pilot and passenger spaces, with floor mats. This will extend the life of your carpeting, as well as make it easier to clean up. 

Plus, the replacement cost for a floor mat is much less than replacing the carpeting.

4. Care For Your Leather.

While a tough material, leather is prone to heat, light, dry air, and water damage. In addition, some perfumes and lotions can even impact your aircraft’s seat upholstery. 

Inspect your leather seats often to check for any damage, such as cracks or tears. Wipe down your leather with a clean, dry cloth as often as you can. In addition, aim to use a leather conditioner on your seats every two to three months to restore and protect the leather.

Need a Repair Inside of Your Airplane?

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