AeroDynamic Aviation® Flight School Owners Partner with ArtCraft

Photo of Jen Watson with her Laser


The ArtCraft Paint team is excited to announce our partnership with Jen and Josh Watson, pilots and owners of AeroDynamic Aviation®. Our full-service aircraft painting and interior refurbishment shop officially partnered with them in April 2024. 

Jen Watson and Josh Watson join the #ArtCraftFam and will develop a variety of videos and social media content to educate others on the aircraft painting process, especially as it relates to flight schools and aerobatic competition aircraft. 

Jen Watson is a pilot and the Chief Flight Instructor, and the owner of AeroDynamic Aviation®. She also competes in aerobatic competitions with her Laser 200. Josh Watson is an A&P mechanic with inspection authorization. Josh Watson maintains the flight school’s fleet and runs its operational and maintenance aspects.

The two are no strangers to ArtCraft, having worked with Teresa Arredondo and her team to have nearly their whole fleet of flight school aircraft painted at ArtCraft.

“We first connected with ArtCraft when our old aircraft painter wasn’t living up to our flight school paint job expectations,” Josh said. “We tried ArtCraft out with one plane, and they delivered it on time and the quality was far above our expectations. We’ve basically been dropping a plane off every two weeks since then!”

AeroDynamic Aviation® was founded in 1960 by Amelia Reid, who was an anomaly in the flight school scene, and the aviation industry in general. The school now offers flight training at its San Jose and Monterey, California locations.

“There weren’t many female pilots back then, much less female flight instructors,” Jen said. “We purchased the company in 2013 from an instructor who had worked under Amelia, and it has been an honor to continue carrying on Amelia’s legacy, as well as to be able to continue operating AeroDynamic Aviation® as a woman-owned business.”

It was that women-owned aviation business tie that resonated with Teresa at ArtCraft. 

“As a woman and a business owner in the aviation industry, I jump at any opportunity to support other women in aviation,” said Teresa, ArtCraft Paint President and CEO. “Our commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering the very best in aircraft painting came to life when we painted Jen Watson’s Laser 200. Not only do her aerobatic flying skills stand out, but now so does her pink plane!”

Jen and Josh Watson join other pilots, including Stevie Triesenberg, Erick O’Connor, Kyle Fowler, and Carson Stilson, whom ArtCraft has supported by transforming their planes into award-winning aircraft.

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