Wairworthy Founder Carson Stilson Partners with ArtCraft Paint

ArtCraft Paint, a full-service aircraft painting shop, is excited to sponsor Carson Stilson, founder of Wairworthy, an aviation wearables company. The partnership, which was announced on September 29, 2023. 

Carson Stilson joins the #ArtCraftFam and will develop a variety of videos and social media content to educate others on the aircraft painting process, especially as it relates to kit builds. 

“We had been following along with Carson’s plane build on social media and enjoyed meeting him in Oshkosh at the 2023 EAA AirVenture fly-in,” said Teresa Arredondo, President & CEO of ArtCraft Paint. “Our passion for delivering the very best in aircraft painting was ignited by his excitement for building his own backcountry aircraft.”

Photo of Carson Stilson, founder of Wairworthy and ArtCraft Ambassador

Carson Stilson of Wairworthy is building his own aircraft, and we are excited to paint it for him!

ArtCraft Paint, based in Santa Maria, California, combines artistry and craftsmanship to turn ordinary airplanes into flying works of art. 

“We’ve worked on small personal aircraft, corporate charter planes, helicopters, and home builds before, but this is the first time we are ever painting the pieces before it’s built,” Teresa said.

Carson joins other pilots, including Stevie Triesenberg, Erick O’Connor, and Kyle Fowler, whom ArtCraft has supported by transforming their planes into award-winning aircraft

After finishing his private pilot certificate in 2020, Carson found a passion for backcountry aviation. Living in the beautiful red rock of southern Utah, he knew a capable bush plane would be the best fit for his type of flying. 

“After months of research, I found the perfect aircraft kit—the Zenith CH 750 Super Duty—and set to work on putting it together,” Carson said. “I fully believe in building my aircraft from the ground up, but bringing my dream paint scheme to life is something I’d only trust with ArtCraft.” 

Carson will bring his plane to ArtCraft in pieces, yes pieces, as he continues to build his Zenith CH 750 Super Duty. 

“When we started talking about having my plane painted at ArtCraft, and I told Teresa that I would be bringing it in pieces, she laughed and enthusiastically told me that wouldn’t be a problem,” Carson said. “Not only is ArtCraft an expert in paint, they also have a lot of experience working with homebuilds, which made the decision to trust them with my plane even easier.”

Stay tuned for the big reveal of Carson’s finished and painted Zenith kit build.


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