How to Develop an Airplane Paint Scheme

Photo of a Mooney airplane with text over top that says, "How to develop an airplane paint scheme"

Your aircraft isn’t just another vehicle; it’s a big investment. And for many of our customers, their airplane is their baby!

We get that, we really do! Our main goal when we paint your plane is to make sure it stays safe and looks as awesome as a brand new plane, almost like a piece of flying art!

That’s why we work closely with our customers to help them develop an airplane paint scheme that exceeds their expectations. Ready to learn some cool tips about airplane paint schemes from the industry experts at ArtCraft Paint? Keep reading!


Airplane Paint Scheme Planning Tip

As with most things in life, make time your friend when you are developing a paint scheme for your aircraft. Most airplane paint jobs last 10-15 years. So, here’s the deal: go for something you really, really like, and you’ll keep liking it for many years. Don’t go for a paint scheme that’s just so-so or super trendy. You want your plane to look awesome for a long, long time!


Take Pictures of Paint Jobs You Like

We’ve had customers bring us their own hand-drawn sketches, as well as photos of planes they like. This really helps us as we are building your estimate and developing a timeline for painting your plane.

Whether you opt for one of our standard design schemes or go with a custom airplane paint scheme with the help of our partner, Flight Lines, the more inspiration you can give us, the closer we can get it to your vision. We can literally work with any ideas you bring us, just like we did for Richard Brown’s Mooney.


Explore the Color Booklets and Standard Design Renderings

Photo of color and fabric swatches to show the options available for airplane interior refurbishment with ArtCraft Paint

We spend a lot of time with our customers discussing paint colors and design schemes. Part of this process includes sending a color booklet so you can really see the options (and put them next to your plane). We also offer six standard design renderings to help you get started.


Pick out a Base Color and Accent Colors

Airplane paint jobs typically use white as the standard base color, but it is not mandatory. After you select a base color, our design team suggests accent colors and other design features for both your exterior and interior design.

Look at the process of designing an airplane paint scheme for Stevie Triesenberg (AKA Bayflights) Cessna.


Ready to get started?

ArtCraft Paint has worked on more than 2,600 aircraft over the last 25 years. We have created a reputation for our hard work and attention to detail. Our team has the ability to paint everything from general and commercial to government aircraft.

To see some of our work, check out our portfolio. Otherwise, give us a call at 805-925-5934 or request a quote!

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